About Us

UC Capital was founded by Varun Sood and Jozef Jansen, who combine many years of operational and investment experience around Europe and Asia. 

As Growth and Transformation Specialists we target industrial SMEs that are underperforming and that have potential to grow internationally. We leverage our operational expertise and investment capital to grow and/or transform these companies.

We manage the companies in the interim until we are able to put into place a top class management team, and then assist management to implement internationalization strategies to grow from local players into truly global European SMEs.

We focus primarily on Italian and Spanish businesses with very strong product portfolio and customers. We create or develop markets for them in the US and North America and in Asia. We focus on manufacturing both in Europe and in India, where we have many years of experience.


Varun Sood has over 20 years of investing experience in private equity. In 2000, he co-founded and managed Zurich-based Capvent, which created a series of investment vehicles in Europe and India and China during 2000-2016. Prior to Capvent, he managed the European LBO group at Societe Generale in London and Paris.

He has a B.A. from Delhi University and an MBA from INSEAD. Raised in India, he has lived between India and Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, London, Zurich) and now lives between Barcelona and Milan.

Varun is an Indian and French national, and speaks Hindi, English, French, Spanish and Hindi fluently.

Jozef Jansen is a restructuring and corporate transformation specialist. Before becoming an investor, he gained experience working for E&Y, General Electric and McKinsey as a Director based out of London, New York, Barcelona and Amsterdam amongst others.

Jozef has a Master in Tax Law from the University of Amsterdam and an AMP (Advanced Management Program) from IESE Barcelona. He has lived in Amsterdam, New York, Paris, London, Zurich and Barcelona.

Jozef is of Dutch origin and is fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish and German.

Investment Focus

We dedicate ourselves to an investment as we generally are either the only or the largest investors in a company.

We operate unlike a private equity group. We normally invest our own capital and look to own the company either wholly or substantially, with management. We will generally dedicate 1-2 years of our time to the hands on management of the company while we set up the structure and strategy and hire the best people. We are great believers in operational excellence and put into place best practises and reporting into the company. Wherever we are able to we will involve prior management who are keen to remain in the company to develop the plan in a joint project with us.


How we create Value

Long Term Capital

We create value primarily by improving management, operations and sales rather than financial structuring. 






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